489 Actiepunten

Als we willen dat onze wereld een betere plek is om te leven, dienen we veel aspecten van onze huidige situatie te veranderen.
Hier is een lijst van aspecten die we beter kunnen en dienen te doen:

(Sommige items kunnen jaren duren om te bereiken, andere vragen om dringende directe actie)

1. provide safety for all our children. Both physically, emotionally and mentally
2. stop abduction of children, privately or by organisations
3. stop illegal adoption of children
4. stop child trafficking
5. stop (ritual) abuse of children
6. stop using children as sexslaves
7. stop paedophilia
8. stop ritual murder of children
9. stop organ harvesting
10. stop hunting children and wielding their genitals as hunting trophies
11. stop eating children’s body parts, glands, organs and drinking their blood
12. stop terrifying and killing children to collect adrenochrome
13. stop using children as soldiers and mercenaries
14. stop drugging children
15. stop vaccinating children
16. stop feeding children Ritalin and learn why
17. stop trading children (on and off world)
18. remove criminals from Child Care and Child Protection organisations
19. stop programming children in MK-ultra programs
20. stop using children to form Manchurian candidates
21. stop training and using children as soldiers
22. stop fractioning the personalities of children into different persons
23. help all the children who have become victim of these crimes to deal with their traumas
24. help all parents who’s child was victim of these crimes to deal with their loss or traumas
25. accept gender qualities of both male and female children and don’t try to change them
26. teach children how to be a responsible, free person
27. teach children their worth
28. teach children how to care for their body
29. teach children how to avoid toxic additives in food and health/body care products
30. teach children what is healthy food
31. teach children what is clean drinking water
32. teach children how to grow your own healthy food
33. teach children how to raise their children in the future
34. teach children how to solve conflicts without fighting
35. teach children how to handle money responsibly
36. teach children about sovereignty
37. teach children about proper use of free will
38. teach children that lying is socially unacceptable
39. teach children how to care for others
40. teach children how to share with others
41. teach children all people are equal and have equal value
42. teach children how to use exercise to keep their body in shape
43. allow children to play as important part of their education
44. allow children to play using their own imagination
45. stop wasting time teaching children things they will never need
46. teach children how to silence the mind and meditate
47. teach children about their etherical, astral and mental bodies
48. help children find their talents
49. allow and help children explore their (expanding) universe
50. listen carefully to children. Some carry ancient wisdom
51. teach true history how man came to earth
52. teach about the real Aryans
53. teach about Ur
54. teach about the Slav-Aryan Vedas
55. teach about the (former) Order
56. teach about giant skeletons found all over the world
57. teach the truth about the Smithsonian Institute
58. teach about djinns and other astral beings
59. teach about EL
60. teach about Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk
61. teach about the former powercenters of the world, Washington DC, London City, Vatican and Switzerland
62. teach about the ‘Crown’
63. teach about the Black Nobility
64. teach about free masons and their symbolism
65. teach about Adam Weishaupt, Guiseppe Mazzini, Albert Pike and the three proposed world wars
66. teach about the massive genocide of russians in the 20th century
67. teach about Bauer, Bayer, Mayer, Major and Rotschild
68. teach about the interconnection between all monarchies, presidents and people in high offices
69. teach about the Sherff family
70. teach the truth about Michael Lavaugh Robinson
71. teach the truth about the daughter of Adolf Hitler
72. teach the truth about Tim Osman
73. teach the truth about Simon Elliot, alias Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
74. teach about the different factions, Zionists, Nazis, Asian Elders, Jesuits and Secret Societies
75. abolish all secret societies
76. teach about all their secret symbols, hand signs, numerology, the mark of the beast and double meaning wording
77. remove all these symbols and signs from public sight
78. remove and destroy all satanic statues and references
79. teach about word magic and the use of proper wording
80. stop subliminal messaging via radio, music, television, movies and other forms of entertainment
81. prohibit advertising and commercials
82. teach about the interconnection between all multinationals
83. permanently close all underground facilities used for ritual, abuse, torture and rape
84. abolish the United Nations in its current form
85. abolish the IMF
86. abolish all other UN related organisations
87. teach the truth about Adolf Heusinger
88. abolish NATO
89. teach the truth about how all spy organisations work together
90. abolish all spy organisations
91. teach the truth about NGO’s trafficking humans and organs and collecting donations for their own profit
92. abolish all Non Governmental Organisations NGO’s including but not limited to Red Cross and Salvation Army
93. teach the truth about Cern (Large Hadron Collider) in Switzerland
94. teach about the true purpose of religions
95. teach about Radomir, Mary Magdalene, the Cathars and Caraffa
96. teach about the Creature from Jeckill Island
97. teach the truth about the Titanic
98. teach the truth about Pearl Harbor
99. teach the truth about the Gulf of Tonkin incident
100. teach the truth about JFK
101. teach the truth about OKC bombing
102. teach the truth about 9/11
103. teach the truth about Fukushima
104. teach the truth about underground cities worldwide
105. teach the truth about underground ultra high speed train connections worldwide
106. teach the truth about human cloning and body doubles
107. teach the truth about Midgard-earth
108. teach the truth about the moon(landing in 1969)
109. teach the truth about the crew of the exploded Challenger Space Shuttle
110. teach the truth about the three moons in the past (Fatta, Lelya and Mesiats)
111. clarify the structure of our solar system
112. teach the truth about Lemuria
113. teach the truth about Atlantis
114. teach the truth about Dravidia, Eden, Sumeria and Ethiopia
115. recover the books of the Alexandria Library that were stolen by the Vatican
116. open the Vatican hidden library for all to investigate
117. abolish the BIS (bank of international settlements)
118. prohibit fractional banking
119. prohibit interest rates
120. prohibit rigging of markets
121. prohibit leveraging of assets
122. abolish stocks, bonds and stockmarkets
123. abolish fiat money
124. deconstruct all banks into much smaller local facilities
125. reeducate bankers
126. prohibit bankers to use the money stored in the banks for trade and leveraging
127. teach about straw man accounts
128. teach about the reality of birth certificates
129. back every currency with real valuable assets
130. abolish the IRS (internal Revenue Service)
131. abolish income tax
132. allow only Value Added Taxation on new products
133. balance taxation across the world so tax heavens cannot exist anymore
134. end poverty for all people
135. equally share much of the common wealth with every person on the planet
136. allow a basic income for all people enough to cover sufficiently the expenses of all basic needs as food, drinks, housing, clothing, etc.
137. strive for prosperity for everyone
138. end famine for all people by providing fresh healthy food for everybody
139. provide acces to fresh clean drinking water for all people
140. provide appropriate affordable shelter for all people
141. provide a plot of land for all people to grow crops, keep some animals and build a house
142. learn the truth about the percentage of land occupied by humans
143. investigate the true number of people living on earth (which may be far less than 7 bn)
144. provide a safe environment for all people
145. provide jobs for employees of all abolished institutions and abolished jobs
146. teach about the Greys, Nordics, Pleyadians, Orion people, Mantids, Lyrians, Andromedans, Draconians, Feline races, Reptilians and the many others
147. remove all malevolent species from the earth
148. teach about extraterrestrial contacts with governments
149. teach about intraterrestrial contacts with governments
150. reveal all UFO reports
151. teach about the Thule society
152. teach about the Vril
153. teach about Antarctica
154. teach about the giants found in stasis in Antarctica
155. teach about the Haunebu
156. teach the truth about Roswell
157. teach the truth about area 51 and the TR3B
158. teach the truth about project Blue beam and holographic projections
159. teach the truth about project Paperclip
160. teach the truth about Israel, the Balfour declaration, Biegun, Jazernicki, Grün, Scheinermann, Mabovitch and Mileikowsky
161. teach the truth about Moammar Ghaddafi
162. learn about the similarities between Jesus, Horus and Tammuz
163. learn the truth about Mobius
164. teach about the elongated skulls of Paracas
165. use HAARP installations (High Aurora Antenna Research Program) only to prevent natural disasters, not to create or or enhance them
166. alter wifi frequencies so they are beneficient to living beings
167. stop 5G netwerk rollout
168. alter radiation frequencies of cell phones so they are not harmful anymore
169. remove smart meters
170. stop collecting and storing data from cell phones, cards, appliances, computers, tables, cars, CCTV cameras from ordinary people
171. stop facial recognition and collection of these data
172. destroy all collected data on ordinary people
173. stop collecting DNA of living people
174. stop using (micro) drones to spy on people
175. stop weather harmful modification and manipulation
176. stop geoengineering programs and dispersing toxic and harmful particles and viruses in the air by means of chemtrails
177. strongly reduce the amount of harmful elements in exhausts
178. stop animal cruelty and respect all animal kingdoms for their role in nature
179. be thankful to animals for the sacrifices they make for you to serve as food
180. promote meat production by means of stemcell techniques without having to cage and kill animals
181. allow all animal species to regain their numbers
182. invent programs to prevent further extinction of rare animal species
183. respect all plant kingdoms for their role in nature
184. be thankful to plants for the sacrifices they make for you to serve as food
185. listen to the wisdom of the tall standing people: the trees
186. allow all plants used to keep their species in sufficient numbers
187. use hemp for paper, building material, clothing, carburant and plastic replacement
188. allow tropical forests to regenerate to their original extent and further
189. remove all plastic waste from our oceans, fields and mountains
190. reduce the use of oil as carburant
191. teach people about the true abiotic nature of oil
192. teach about the dangers of fracking of shale oil
193. allow CO2 levels to rise for the benefit of plant growth
194. abolish IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change)
195. learn the truth about Agenda 21 and the ‘Paris Agreements’
196. learn the truth about Codex Alimentarius
197. learn the truth about massive pedofile and pedovore networks worldwide
198. release prisoners that have not been sentenced for capital crimes or crimes against humanity
199. arrest people who have committed crimes that have harmed other people and in particular children in any way
200. arrest people who have conspired against humanity with the purpose of creating a new world order
201. arrest people who have knowingly mislead people by spreading false narratives and outright lies on all types of media in order to hide the assault on humanity and construct a veil over reality
202. arrest people who instigated wars killing millions of people
203. arrest people who stole the wealth of their country and of other countries, be it gold, oil, artifacts, inground assets
204. arrest people who had the ability to resolve famine and thurst in the world and purposely allowed multimillions of people to starve
205. arrest people who attacked and threatened others on social media who tried to reveal the truth
206. arrest scientists who deliberately falsified research data resulting in harmful situations for humanity
207. arrest scientists who deliberately falsified climate data in order to promote geoengineering, climate fear and carbon taxation
208. arrest people who engineered viruses to decimate large parts of humanity
209. arrest people who deliberately fragmented the personalties of babies (even in the womb) and very young children
210. arrest people who let themselves be paid to harm, assault and kill other persons
211. arrest people who have ‘suicided’ bankers, holistic doctors, journalists, inventors and whistleblowers so they were unable to tell their true story
212. arrest people who set up and performed false flag events
213. arrest crisis actors, people who falsely claim they are victims and spread false statements
214. arrest officers, lawyers and judges who have used their position for personal gain
215. arrest people who have produced, traded and gained profit from hard drugs
216. arrest people who have traded weapons
217. arrest people who initiated and trained terrorist groups like IS, ISIS, Daesh, Al Quaeda, Moslim Brotherhood, IRA and the likes
218. arrest people who have used their power and position to amass great wealth at the expense of ordinary people
219. arrest people who have illegally claimed ownership of worldly assets or inground resources or have tried to sell or leverage these assets
220. arrest pople who have deliberately hacked computer systems or created off ledger accounts to amass wealth
221. arrest people who have collected donations for personal gain using human disasters without forwarding these donations to the goal they were collected for
222. arrest people who made deals with other people or beings to collect children, adults or just organs from war of disaster striken areas
223. arrest people who knowlingly used legalese language and maritime law to further their own secret agenda and judge and convict people on false grounds
224. arrest people who have deliberately promoted a higher force to be obedient to in order to prevent people from finding their inner strenght, be it through religion, music or the entertainment industry
225. arrest people who have purposely added toxic chemicals to vaccines, medicines and drugs and have knowingly omitted research results that warn for the effects of administering these products
226. arrest medical doctors who falsely have diagnosed people with (terminal) diseases they did not have in order to profit financially
227. arrest psychiatrists who deliberately drugged people who had no mental issues or diseases
228. arrest people who have purposely altered the genetics of crops to lower their nutrition value and to resist and absorb their toxic herbicide
229. arrest people who have knowlingly spread thousands of tons of harmful chemicals and viruses in the air
230. arrest people who set up international secret organizations and thinktanks with the sole purpose of assaulting humanity
231. arrest the people who planned and ordered all these crimes
232. find a way to deal with all these criminals without repeating their mistakes but remove them permanently from public life
233. allow conditional reconcilation for perpetrators who show remorse, were forced to do what they have done, have helped humanity to correct their wrongdoing and who have not raped, injured, poisoned or murdered other people
234. help people with multi personality disorder who were raised in illuminati families to find a way of living and comfort
235. teach about the ‘great manmade river’
236. make the deserts green again
237. promote desalination installations
238. don’t allow (neuro)toxins like Fluoride in drinking water
239. return all refugees to their country of origin once it is safe to be there and wealth is restored
240. teach the truth about military, narcotics and wars
241. return all soldiers to their home countries
242. help all soldiers who have returned home and become veterans to deal with their traumas

243. help all families of soldiers who have lost their lives during conflicts to deal with the loss of their loved ones
244. remove all foreign military bases
245. drastically reduce the number of soldiers in all armies
246. use military defensively only to protect their own country
247. use military to rebuild countries and to assist police
248. learn the truth about many invasions of the american military
249. learn who owns the american military
250. deconstruct the Pentagon and the likes in other countries
251. destroy nuclear weapons and weapon facilities
252. destroy chemical weapons and weapon facilities
253. destroy biological weapons and weapon facilities
254. destroy direct energy weapons
255. remove and destroy all current concentrationcamps
256. remove all so called terroristgroups
257. remove all mobs, gangs and crime syndicates
258. prohibit harmful use of inventions
259. abolish all inventions that have led to destruction or harmful use to humanity and the kingdoms of animals and plants
260. demolish nuclear power plants based on uranium or plutonium technology
261. solve nuclear waste problems with appropriate technology that exists
262. stop all wars and military actions
263. solve conflicts only through diplomacy
264. while acknowledging all peoples place of birth and their local habits remove all borders
265. return all assets to the countries their originate from
266. teach the truth about Nikola Tesla
267. teach the truth about Cannabidiol
268. teach the truth about the origin of diseases
269. teach the natural medicines available for many if not all diseases
270. teach the health benefits of many natural herbs, seeds, nuts, berries and weeds
271. make cures by sound and light available
272. make med-beds available
273. make longevity technology available
274. make plasma technologies available
275. make anti gravitational propulsion available
276. make mag-lev technology available
277. make free energy by means of electro magnetism available
278. make zero point energy available
279. make thorium generated energy available
280. make water energy by means of electrolysis available – waterpowered generators
281. teach telekinesis
282. develop telepathic abilities
283. develop clairvoyance abilities
284. make teleportation available
285. make replicators available
286. teach the reality of stargates
287. teach the reality of quantum jumping
288. teach the reality about longitudinal and lateral time
289. teach about the ‘missing’ (dark) centuries
290. reevaluate the beginning of time starting with the birth of a boy called Jesus
291. start using the moon calendar
292. teach the reality about A, B, C, D, E, F and G matter
293. investigate Greenland and its ice cover
294. investigate the North pole and it’s lush green scenery
295. return land to the original people who inhabited the land, now incorrectly called Aboriginals
296. abolish all laws in favor of Common Law or Natural law
297. demilitarize the police
298. reeducate police officers
299. abolish BAR registrations
300. reeducate lawyers and judges
301. install a new law system
302. learn the truth about the jewish ancestors of the Saudi Kings
303. learn the truth about the german ancestors of the house of Windsor formerly known as the House von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
304. abolish all monarchies and bloodline related heritages and positions
305. abolish life long positions of power
306. abolish governments, parliaments, ministers (=priests), congresses (=sexual intercourse) and senates
307. install peoples assemblies (locally, regionally, nationally and worldwide) for and by the people with members randomly chosen out of the populace and serving never more than just a couple of months
308. install councils on all levels for research, advice and education of all people
309. allow referendums and inform the people thoroughly so they can form an educted opinion
310. reeducate politicians
311. seize all (stolen) assets of so called El-ites in order to redistribute these assets among the people or return these assets to the lawful owners
312. reinstall the harmonic standard pitch of 432Hz for music
313. reveal the truth about the music industry
314. learn the truth about Michael Jackson, Prince, Amy Whinehouse, Elvis, Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Curt Cobain, Paul McCartney and many others
315. reveal the real names of many well known artists
316. reveal the truth about the entertainment industry and Hollywood
317. reveal the truth about all hidden messages and meanings of Disney features
318. make funds available for all artists to allow them to work freely and to make the best music, paintings, sculptures, movies, architecture, literature, dance they can make
319. multiply the venues in with artists can perform
320. deconstruct the entertainment and music industries
321. learn how to cooperate
322. learn how to connect with others in your neighborhood
323. abolish all competitions
324. abolish all awards
325. use sports only as a means to play and to exercise your body
326. learn never compare your skills with those of others
327. learn never compare your appearance with the appearance of others
328. learn the truth about Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner
329. learn the truth about Darwin
330. learn the truth about the ‘New Age’
331. reveal the truth about all ‘former’ intelligence assets that have come forward to ‘help the people’ like Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Robert David Steele, Steven Greer and the likes
332. learn the truth about sects like NXIVM
333. learn the truth about feminism
334. learn the truth about channeling
335. abolish all licenses
336. abolish all registrations
337. abolish all trade unions and employer unions
338. abolish all political parties
339. learn how to handle your own responsability
340. provide free traveling for all people
341. replace old traveling technologies with mach 9 speed trains and antigravity airplanes
342. provide free natural healthcare for all people
343. provide jobs for anyone who wants to be productive
344. automate work that is unattractive to people
345. stop daylight saving time changes
346. learn to collect and harnass source energy
347. learn how to grow crops with much bigger yields
348. deconstruct multinational companies
349. abolish fast food facilities that have proven to produce unhealthy food
350. reduce the amount of salt in readily produced food
351. reduce the amount of toxic additives in readily produced food
352. reduce the amount of sugar in readily produced food
353. promote healthy food additives as baking soda, apple cider vinegar, organic honey and spices like cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and garlic
354. promote preparing your own food
355. stop using (growth) hormones and antibiotics for animals
356. if animals are used for food provide spacious living and proper food for them so they will have a decent life
357. minimize meat consumption
358. learn how to balance your food by providing sufficient nutritional value, fibres, minerals, vitamins
359. excercise regularly
360. avoid (excessive) use of alcohol
361. provide helpful assistence to alcohol addicts
362. avoid (excessive) use of hallucinating drugs
363. provide helpful assistence to drug addicts
364. avoid unexperienced shamans
365. avoid using doping to allow for better but unnatural achievements in sports or body buidling
366. teach the risks of alcohol and drugs in respect to astral parasites and walk-ins
367. if you want to smoke only use pure organic tabacco and avoid all sigarettes and non organic tobacco products
368. avoid the use of deodorants loaded with toxins like aluminum
369. reduce the use of soap and shampoo to once a month and preferably use organic products without toxins like SLS. Your hair and skin are able to regenerate a protective layer without these attacks
370. avoid the use of sunscreen products or use purely natural ones. Protect your skin with clothing or just avoid too much direct sun exposure
371. drink lots of clean water
372. don’t use statins. Learn the truth about cholesterol
373. don’t use artificial sweetners like Aspartame. They produce destructive formadehyde in your cells
374. don’t use MSG (mono sodium glutamate). Learn what is does to your body and brain
375. don’t allow the use of titanium dioxide in your food
376. avoid cleaning products with toxic substances
377. don’t let your children be vaccinated. Vaccines contain aluminum, mercury and other toxins that have proven to have devastating effects on your children
378. destroy all vaccines and tell the truth about all detrimental additives used
379. make your own toothpaste with coconut oil, baking soda and turmeric. Without Fluoride. Learn the truth about Flouride
380. don’t allow Amalgam fillings in your teeth as they release mercury to the nerves in your mouth. Find a biological dentist
381. be careful with root canal treatments as they can lead to serious healt issues
382. reeducate all traditional dentists
383. learn the truth about Polio
384. learn the truth about HPV
385. learn the truth about BMR, black boys and autism
386. learn the truth about black pest, Zika, Sars, Ebola and HIV
387. destroy all human made viruses
388. learn the truth about ADHD
389. abolish the CDC and the likes in other countries
390. abolish the FDA and the likes in other countries
391. stop using damaging technologies like chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer
392. learn about the many prohibited or hidden alterantive cures for cancer
393. learn the truth about the pineal gland, the pituary gland, the land of milk and honey, Bethlehem, the temple of Salomon and Christ Oil
394. stop using LED lights, energy saving light bulbs as they radiate only part of the spectrum and release dangerous mercury damp
395. stop voting and giving away consent to issues you would not agree with
396. abolish all main stream media outlets
397. abolish all alternative media outlets that willingly have spread false narratives
398. promote real investigative independent journalism
399. make truthful tv documentaries for education of the general populace
400. learn about Khazaria
401. learn the truth about the Vatican
402. learn the true history of the white popes
403. learn the truth about the Jesuits and the black popes
404. learn the truth about the maffia and the Vatican
405. close all churches, temples and mosques for religious messes
406. teach people their true source power within
407. stop mandatory education
408. make education attractive and useful so people want to study and learn
409. stop mandatory working hours
410. provide balanced employer – employee contracts with equal benefits for both parties
411. provide safe inspiring day care for children
412. allow both mothers and fathers equal amounts of time to raise their children
413. teach all people that both women and men are of equal value, talent, intelligence, etc.
414. learn about the universal council
415. learn about the UPU (universal protection unit)
416. invite ambassadors of benevolent other species to an advisory council on earth
417. send out human representatives to other planets of benevolent species
418. make trade deals with other species in the universe(s) on a win-win basis for humanity and for the other species
419. allow people to explore other planets and universes
420. allow people to return to their planets or universes of origin
421. close all DUMPs (Deep underground military basis)
422. reveal the advanced technologies hidden by the militaries
423. reveal all 6000+ hidden patents
424. revoke and void any and all illegal contracts or contracts made without informed consent
425. return sovereignty to all individual humans
426. learn how sovereignty affects human behaviour and coincides with natural law
427. learn what benefits and responsabilites come with total freedom
428. rethink how to deal with people who cannot handle their freedom and responsabilities as sovereign beings
429. reform pornography into works of art, beauty and romance equally important for each person involved
430. prohibit women being (sexually) exploited by others
431. lawfully allow prostitutes to do their useful work
432. reeducate people about the difference between having sex and making love (between taking and giving)
433. reeducate traditional psycologists to help victims of crimes against humanity
434. reeducate traditional psychiatrists to help victims of crimes against humanity
435. reeducate traditional medical doctors to include holostic and sound and light therapies to their every day practice
436. reevaluate all medical research
437. reinvent hospitals
438. clean up our air from all chemtrail spraying
439. clean up the rivers, seas and oceans from all chemtrail spraying
440. allow all fish species to recover from too extensive fishing practices
441. clean up all the land from all chemtrail spraying
442. never eat all the crops you have grown. Respectfully leave a few plants to produce seeds to regenerate the species
443. learn to see mother Earth as a living being
444. teach the truth about all constitutions
445. rethink and install new proper constitutions (by the people)
446. learn the origin of all religious holidays and abolish them
447. rethink independence day
448. rethink 1st of May
449. abolish Santa Claus
450. balance wages across the globe so it makes no difference where on earth the work is done
451. make products, appliances, machines, cars, etc. that can last a lifetime without maintenance
452. stop making crappy items that wind up as waste within a matter of days, weeks or months
453. reduce the seductive attraction of shops and shopping centers
454. reduce the inventor profits from patents
455. define wages as an equivalent to the amount of effort and energy put into the job, not as a reference to IQ numbers
456. abolish the economical system that is dependent on economic growth
457. insert a fair, open and transparent economic system in which manipulation, rigging and leveraging is impossible
458. generate fair, open and transparent reports about production and availability of assets
459. stop using fake scarcity as a hidden means to gain more profit
460. reeducate economists
461. reeducate all physicists
462. reeducate all historians and help them to go see a psychiatrist
463. rethink and reinstall all museum collections
464. reeducate teachers
465. rewrite all education books
466. destroy all books with false or incomplete narratives about history and science
467. update and expand all libraries with true knowledge books
468. remove all books from libraries that contain falsified narratives
469. learn how to balance your left and right brain hemispheres with your heart center
470. learn how to restore and strengthen your psi field
471. practice centering, grounding and shielding as much a possible
472. learn to value different opinions as a means to generate better situations or products
473. shut down casinos and other facilities
474. prohibit (pyramidal) Ponzi schemes
475. like Bhutan measure (national) prosperity in happiness, not in GDP
476. stop social engineering programs with refugees
477. find out who promoted and payed for the migration of millions of refugees
478. stop human trafficking of people (living in deliberately caused crisis situations)
479. raise your vibration into a state of balance so anger, jealousy, hatred, indifference and other negative emotions have less impact
480. learn the truth about ‘junk’ DNA which turns out not to be junk at all
481. research ways to reconnect ‘junk’ DNA and expand the number of helixes
482. restore and (re)build infrastructures and transportation means into state-of-the-art features worldwide
483. clean up all Glyphosate ridden farmland
484. destroy all GMO crops and seeds thoroughly
485. plant original organic seeds only
486. provide one time major debt relief combined with mandatory education how to avoid other (new) debts
487. think of a proper way to honor all good people and other beings who tried to warn humanity and who have payed with their lives in the fight for a better world
488. think of a proper way to honor all good people and other beings who have fought to liberate the planet and often had to make sacrifices losing family, friends and loved ones
489. install true liberation day once the victory is evident to the general public